• Hour of Code for Students PreK and Up!

    Get started with our 2 free, "unplugged" activity packs for CS Education Week:


    1. The Little Artist Inside Your Computer Activity Pack (Ages 5-8): Students learn about how digital art is made, solve coding puzzles and make their own creations using pixels, algorithms and repeat loops. Print at home; students will need scissors, glue, and a pencil.


    2. ScratchJr Story + Activity Pack (Ages 3-6): An engaging story and activities in a PDF file that you can print at home or project on a screen.


    We have more coding games and activities for kids of all ages below:

    Minecraft Escape Room Group Activity / Party Kit (Ages 9+)
    Choose Your Own Adventure: Creative Writing + Code (Ages 7+)
    Time Traveler, History + Coding Lesson (Ages 8+)
    Chat with Abe, History + Coding Lesson (Ages 8+)
    Do You Love Cookies? JavaScript Story + Activity Pack (Ages 5-9)
    How to Turn Your Grown-Up Into a Robot Story + Activity Pack (Ages 2-5)
    College View After School Computer Coding (Ciencias de la Computación): Winter 2018
    My First Montessori: After School Computer Coding
    Out of Stock
    Circle View Elementary: Winter
    Hope View: Winter 2018
    3 Coding Stories: Children's Picture Book (Ages 3-7)
    $20.00 - $35.00
    Harbour View Elementary: Winter
    Out of Stock
    Hack the Room: DIY Kids Escape Room Party Kit
    Sponsor a Student
    Out of Stock
    Florentine: Downtown Manhattan
    Camp in Irvine (One week)
    Afterschool Computer Programming at Renascence
    Spring Break Camp
    Loma Vista: Winter After School Computer Programming
    Out of Stock
    Myford Elementary Winter After school Computer Programming
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