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Thank you to our CodeSpeak Books backers!

Thank you to all of our amazing Kickstarter backers who helped turn CodeSpeak Books into a reality!

Platinum Sponsors

Sok, Johnny, and Josephine Jiang: Josephine, we hope this book inspires you to find your passion. Love, Mom and Dad

Ad Shelton, Kickr Design

Nicole Araneta and Rob Boyle

The Clarke-Salts: Enjoy coding, Leo. Lots of love Mum and Dad xxx

Kelly & Tim Laferriere: Kaiya - Be whatever you dream. Love, Mom & Dad

BEAM Percival: Ellie, Keep 'sploring! Love, Mom+Dad

The Chiu Family: Evelyn, We hope this book starts you on an exciting and fun journey to code your wildest dreams! Love, Poh Poh and Goong Goong

Derek Hsu

Evelyn "Grace Hopper" Peng

Evelyn, from the computer, said to her dad,

This code is okay. This code is not bad.

But it's just some code. Nothing great, nothing grand.

It's nothing at all like the code I have planned.

May you always dream big. Your #1 supporters, Mommy and Daddy

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Scott Lininger

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Thanks to all of our backers!

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