• Computer science doesn't have to be hard.

    CodeSpeak Labs can help you start a computer coding class at your school or afterschool center in less than a month.

  • What We Do

    CodeSpeak Labs prepare youth to have an impact in the 21st century.

    Jobs in computer programming are among the fastest-growing and highest-paying opportunities in the world today, but 90% of schools do not offer any computer science classes. Computer science is the #1 major at top universities like Stanford and Princeton (where CodeSpeak Labs' founders went to school), and students who can code before college have a clear advantage.

    We teach computer programming to students grades PreK - 12 during and after school. Our curriculum includes Google's Blockly, MIT's Scratch, robotics, HTML/CSS (web development), Javascript (interactive websites, game design), Arduino (programming hardware/circuits) and Python (general purpose programming language), as well as skill-building in entrepreneurship, communication, and design.


    Through each stage of the program, students build working websites, apps, games, and more, and parents receive updates via email on their child’s progress and are able to view and share their work.


    We're based in New York City and Orange County, CA. CodeSpeak Labs is a member of the CSforAll Consortium, the national network of CS education providers, funders, and researchers working to support the mission of expanding access to CS education for all K-12 students

  • Bring Coding to Your School

    Leave it all to us...

    CodeSpeak Labs partners with schools to bring coding education to their students. Our instructors are available during the school day and/or as part of after school programming. We use our proven best practices for engaging youth in computer programming and tailor our approach to your school's needs.



  • "I’m so excited about CodeSpeak Labs, and what it has brought to our school. The students really can’t get enough of it - it is great to see their excitement ignited! I think it has been a unique advantage for our school to be able to offer coding to our students, and will help us attract more families.

    From an implementation standpoint, they’ve made it incredibly easy for me and other administrators, as well as our teachers. They provide all of the instructors, curriculum and materials.

    I cannot recommend CodeSpeak Labs more highly to other school administrators, after-school programs, teachers, and families."

    - Principal, K-8 School

  • Or, have us co-teach with your teachers

    We’ll run the course with support from your teachers. We’ll train your teacher(s) on the curriculum and provide you with a Teaching Assistant to support them throughout the school year. Depending on the experience of your teaching team, we can take the lead or we can take a supporting role and focus on being the technical expert.

  • “I was truly impressed with the professional development training from CodeSpeak Labs and how well they tailored the training to the needs and priorities of our schools. The teaching tactics and pedagogy in the activities and presentation were both engaging and interactive. Our teachers were able to genuinely self-reflect upon their teaching practices and immediately apply what they learned.


    I highly recommend CodeSpeak Labs to other schools!”

    - Professional Development Manager, Middle School Charter School Network

  • What Students and Parents are Saying

    "It’s fun. I don’t like it… I LOVE IT!” - 8 year old student


    "The environment is relaxed but engaging for both my 12 year old son and my 8 year old daughter. I have never expected my daughter to like coding and she genuinely loves it. My son who can be quite unmotivated is definitely challenged and actually getting competitive. He says he likes 'learning something useful in my life!'" - Parent


    "My son jumped in the car today after class and said '#coding is awesome'!" - Parent


    "This was an opportunity to get our son on the active side of computers as a maker, doer and thinker rather than a passive consumer and button pusher." - Parent


    "I know my son really likes the class a lot. He is always looking forward to going. He never wants to leave. I like that you let the kids work at their own level and report back to the parents. I would definitely recommend to friends." - Parent

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