• Mission

    Our mission is to get as many kids to code as early as possible.


    Our vision is that one day, the technology that shapes our lives will be inclusive, equitable and built by people who represent the interests of all people. We want all students to have access to critical tech skills so that they can be creators (and not just consumers) of technology and use technology to build a more just world.

    Core Values

    Inspire with Fun: Our goal is to help every child feel like they want to learn and can learn. We lead with enthusiasm and do our best to inspire creativity and exploration. We know the specific languages and tools we use will become eventually obsolete, but that self confidence and passion for learning and creating is lifelong.


    Continuous Improvement: We are continuously growing as people and as a team. We embrace experimentation and new ideas; we’re obsessed with feedback and we change course quickly when needed, all in the service of our students and schools. We model what we teach our students: our belief that mistakes are an excellent learning opportunity.


    Flexibility and Teamwork: We meet schools and students where they are and partner with them to tailor our programs to maximize student learning and to best fit with the school environment. We’re empathetic to student needs and do our best to make the learning environment conducive for all students. And, we’re a team that “act like owners” even when we are co-teaching, commit to supporting each other, and step up when needed.


    Equity and Diversity: We believe every student should have access to CS education, regardless of their background, race/ethnicity, gender, or abilities. We aim to model the way the world should be: inclusive, equitable, and diverse. We believe that technology has the power to unite people, lift barriers, disrupt outdated ways of thinking, and create new opportunity.


    Impact for the Future: We are training a new generation of activist developers: future startup founders and techies who are committed to developing ethical technology and who are driven less by “break things / fail fast” to “Am I building a better world?”


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